Tumi T-Tech Grand 35" Wheeled Duffel Bag

If you’re going out on a short trip ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks, a huge, bulky luggage could be bothersome with all the unnecessary space available, when you’ll probably only bring a couple of day’s worth of clothes aside from other small requisite items. For this situation, a wheeled duffle bag would be more appropriate.

For those looking for the space and capacity benefits of a large luggage yet wants something more mobile and easier to handle, Tumi T-Tech offers the Grand 35 inch Wheeled Duffle bag. Easily the largest duffle bag in their line of products, the Tumi T-Tech Grand stands almost a yard tall, while boasting 16 and a half inches by 15 inches in other dimensions. This wheeled duffle bag is being made up to be the prestigious brand’s flagship product, offering as much space as some full sized luggage, yet easier to manage and carry.

The Tumi T-Tech Grand 35 wheeled duffle bag features an easy to access U shaped opening, which makes grabbing and putting items inside easy and hassle free. The unit also comes with a multitude of different pockets for storage of various items. There’s a pocket in the lid, another at the velcro closure flap, another at the front, two more zip pockets, one back zip pockets, a shoe pocket, and a side zip pocket for a total of 8 pockets. You’re bound to be able to put lots of items with its abundance of space. I did some initial testing and found out that the amount of items I can put inside the T-Tech Grand is basically the same as the amount I can put inside a much larger, more expensive luggage.

Another nifty bonus that comes with the Tumi T-Tech Grand 35 wheeled duffle bag is the Exclusive Tracer Protection, which helps track down lost or stolen bags. This is a nice addition to the standard warranty, which only protects the bag itself. With the exclusive tracer protection, you are sure to have some semblance of security that whatever you put inside the Tumi T-Tech will never be entirely lost, giving you a peace of mind that can’t be achieved by the promise of simple bag replacement.

All in all, the Tumi T-Tech Grand 35 wheeled duffle bag is perfect for people who are having second thoughts about buying either a large luggage or a wheeled duffle bag. With the Tumi T-Tech Grand 35, you can have all the space offered by a large luggage but still get all the mobility and functionality of a wheeled duffle. Add all the nice extras provided by Tumi and you have an exceptional performing duffle bag that is worth its price. If quality, durability, style, and reasonable price are equally important you to — and you aren’t willing to sacrifice any of those qualities, then Tumi’s T-Tech Grand 35 wheeled duffle bag ought to be your first, last, and only choice.

Source by Cassaundra Flores

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