The History of the Purse Hanger and How It Is Used Today

It is often said that the simplest things have the most use and a purse hanger is one of those items they are small, convenient and a fantastic idea. Although they have been around for centuries they have only become popular recently. There are many reasons for this and the fact that people are more aware of germs is one of the biggest. Transferring germs is so easy and they can be passed from your handbag to other surfaces without too much trouble.

A purse hanger has been used since the 1920’s and although they have only become very popular recently the design is very similar. Queen Elizabeth II is thought to have used a very simple purse hook to keep her purse from sitting on the floor. At the time the hooks were called purse caddies and ladies of elegance would have used them. They were a very simple S design and although simple they did the job they were intended for. Today you can get several different designs and styles to match your personality.

There are several reasons to use the purse hanger including hygiene, if you keep your handbag off the floor then you are less likely to pass germs to other surfaces. You can use them at home as well as in restaurants and bars. All surfaces are not as clean as you may think they are and the very simple purse hook can ensure that you no longer have to sit with your bag on your lap. All women have had to sit through dinner with their bags on their laps to avoid them being placed on the floor. This is not comfortable and will crease your clothes.

Having a purse hanger will also stop your handbag from being stolen as the bag is off the floor and very close to you. Numerous times thieves have taken the opportunity to remove handbags from the floor when you are distracted. The purse hook is a stylish accessory which you can carry easily in your handbag. They often come in matching bags so that you can find them easily and in different sizes so that they can be used on different tables and counters. You will find that many of your friends now own one and if they don’t then they make ideal gifts.

Purse hangers are very affordable and easy to find in shops and will often be in the handbag department. If you are looking for something very unique or personal and with some history behind it then looking online might be an option for you. Once you have found your ideal hanger then you will never leave home without it. It will keep your handbag clean, safe and looking amazing for many years you will also be able to have an enjoyable evening in comfort.

Source by Kat Hughes

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