The Feelings and Emotions of Students When They Wear Their Graduation Caps

It is normal for students to feel extreme nervous and also at the same time excited and happy that this big day has finally arrived, and this day would be their graduation ceremonies. On this day, students wear their beautifully ironed graduation gowns, graduation caps as well as tassels to attend this important ceremony. Parents, relatives and even friends are also invited to this graduation ceremony, to witness the students that they know who have eventually managed to graduate officially from the school. So, how exactly do these students, having to wear their graduation caps during these ceremonies normally feel? What are their feelings and emotions associated with wearing these caps?

When students enter the big hall where the ceremony is being held, they will see many others of their fellow classmates who are also going to officially graduate from the school. Seeing the whole place filled with graduates who are wearing their graduation caps would make them feel that this event is a very memorable day. It is like a magnificent view of the whole school hall where everyone is waiting to go up to the stage to receive his or her certificate. This type of feeling is rather hard to describe and would be better if one can personally experience this.

As soon as the graduation ceremony starts, the school dean will give a speech to address the audience. When the process of giving out the graduation certificates has started, students’ names will be called and these students, who are wearing their represent-able graduation caps and gowns, will go on stage to receive their certificates. This should be the most important part of the whole ceremony. It is also during this moment that most students start to feel nervous, and some may even have stage fright, since hundreds of people are watching them to go on stage to collect their certificates. However, this is also the most glorious and prideful instant for them as they collect their certificates. This moment marks the significant period in their lives as they have finally made it through the school years. Besides that, this moment indicates that they are going to move on to a higher level of life experience, where new challenges and changes lie ahead of them.

When the students have collected their certificates, it is time for them to gather among friends, teachers and even parents to share this common occasion together. This is the time when these students start to miss one another as the graduation caps that they wear marks the last day of their meeting in schools. During this part of the ceremony, students may hug each other, and some may even shed tears, as they cannot bear to leave one another. After all these years studying in school, it is natural for these students to develop a sense of belonging to one another and to the school.

In conclusion, throughout the graduation ceremonies, students will experience different feelings and emotions at different points of time.

Source by Jillian Gordon

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