The Changing Styles and Designs of Denim Jean Skirts

Denim jean skirts are the most famous form of wear with youths, teenagers, and women. Since their inception, denim skirts make the wearer appear sophisticated, stylish and attractive with a casual look. Jean skirts are highly favored by most ladies due to their flexibility as they are lovely to wear at all-weather conditions. The slacks also raise the self-esteem of an individual especially when the individuals do not like to show their curves as the materials used to manufacture denim pants are heavy. Jean skirts are also illustrious due to their lovely and appealing look, which makes them appropriate in most occasions.

Denim jean skirts are manufactured with a versatile material that makes them comfortable to wear and touch. Therefore, denim skirts can be worn in a workplace, a day out, or a day in-house and thus, their usability is versatile. The jeans have interesting characteristics that make them appealing and admirable. The prominent feature of denim is their toughness but in a fashionable look. The other imperative feature of denim skirts is their always in fashion style. Since their inception, some years back, denim jeans have always been a trademark in the fashion industry. The history of denim skirts dates back to mid 1800’s.

Levi Strauss is the personality behind the contraption of denim jeans known as Levi’s jeans, which were famous in 1950’s. The fashionable Levi’s jeans were designed with cotton duck and stronger denim textile and had the designer’s name. The later denim pants designs saw the duck material dropped as consumers found jean miniskirts more appealing especially after washing. Denim washing creates a lovely faded bloom on the exquisite blue dyeing that makes them appearing to most admirers. The popularity of Levi’s denim jeans in the 1950’s saw new designers such as Wranglers and Lee Coopers start their own jean miniskirts designs.

In the fashion scene, the popularity of denim pants is highly accredited to 1950’s film stars who wore them in movies. This saw denim pants become popular with many youths and teenagers who watched the movies. In the old days, the denim jean miniskirts were worn as work garments but in 1940’s; the denim pants were seen as leisure clothes in America. By 1970’s, individuals started to personalize their jeans denim with texts embroidery, studs, graffiti, and floral decorations among others. Moreover, in this era, the old jeans were recycled to create patchwork jean skirt. Later in 1970’s, Nick Kamen associated the denim jeans with a sexual allure.

The growth of denim jean skirts continued in 1980’s with torn, ripped and frayed jeans being some of the most prevalent type of wear. It was in this period when colored denim became popular but in 1990’s black denim became the steadfast jean fashion. However, despite the changing years, blue faded pants always remain as prevalent in the fashion scene. In 2000’s the frayed slashes and rip tears were the most widespread jean wear. Today, denim jean miniskirts come in great shapes, designs, sizes and styles.

Source by Simon Kimani Kamau

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