Seasonal Handbags – 4 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Purse for Winter, Spring, Summer Or Fall

It is fun to shop for seasonal handbags any time of the year. The most interesting time to shop is when you are anticipating the turn of the seasons. There are always new choices in the stores and online, as well as clearance items to choose and save back for next year. You can find just what you want for any particular time of year with just a few steps.

1. Decide on a handbag design.

In the summer, you might like a large purse to carry all your beach gear. In the fall, it is nice to have something with a strap you can throw over your shoulder for a quick getaway. In the winter, though, it is a good time for a small clutch which you can take to all the holiday parties. The spring is up for grabs – any kind of handbag makes sense.

2. Get the fabric or material you want.

Summer bags tend to be more durable, such as cotton, canvas, or vinyl. Fall and winter bags are more refined, in materials like brocade, silk, or faux fur. In the spring, lightweight fabrics are always in fashion, although it is also important to get a fabric which will stand up to use.

3. Select a pattern suitable for the time of year.

Solid colors can go for any time of year, depending on the shade. Patterns are more season-specific. Winter is a nice time to have a purse with a lovely forest scene or a snow-covered town. Another choice for winter patterns is simple, geometric patterns. Fall is a time for intricate, tapestry-like patterns or leaf designs. Spring is a time for cheerful flowers and modern designs. Tropical flowers or quirky abstract patterns make the summer handbag shopping fun.

4. Choose a color that makes you think of the season.

Dark colors are good for winter, but white is also a beautiful choice if it has some dark trim. Deep jewel colors, such as purple, ruby, or emerald show up well in the winter as well. Spring is a good time to go for a light- colored purse, something that brightens your mood. Summer is for fun colors like sunshine yellow, robin’s egg blue, or hot pink. In the fall, look to the colors of the falling leaves.

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