Rainbow Sandals

Jay Longley of Laguna Beach, California started the Rainbow Sandals business in 1974 when he began making discount Rainbow Sandals out of his home. Initially, he made them out of leather and rubber with his target clientele being surfers on the west coast. In 1974, he made approximately 15 pairs of Rainbow Sandals out of his home. Today after 31 years in the ‘flip flop’ business, Mr. Longley’s company is estimated to sell approximately 5,000 pairs daily and is estimated to be worth 31 million dollars. This is quite a long departure from 1974 when he could only make another pair of Rainbow Sandals after selling the previous pair.  

Now Rainbow Sandals are offered in a variety of styles with hemp straps as well as many different colors in rich earth tones. There are also sandals with Swarovski crystals (offered in eight beautiful colors), a wide wedge sole (which can also be purchased with a rainbow colored footbed) and an expanded children’s line which includes all the adult styles and colors. Rainbow Sandals are considered a high-end flip flop due to the fact that they are made out of leather and high quality materials which ensures a long life for the shoe.

Because this popular sandal is made with a built-in arch support (which is hand sewn and triple glued), when worn or “broken in” the soles will mold to the foot. They are sewn with 2,000 pound test nylon ensuring durability. Because Jay Longley originally designed these flip flops for surfers, it is recommended to wear the sandals while they are wet because this helps the leather mold to the foot.

Some unique characteristics of the Rainbow Sandal is that they are made with parachute stitching and constructed with a non-skid sponge rubber sole which makes them fit the foot like a glove within just a few weeks of wear. Another unique feature of Rainbow Sandals is that the company guarantees its craftsmanship for the life of the sole of the flip flop.

The Rainbow Sandal Company also offers a variety of t-shirts, socks, hats, wallets and key chains all made with the same sturdy workmanship that has made its shoe line popular.

Rainbow Sandals products can be purchased for prices ranging from $42.00 to $120.00. These prices are quite reasonable when considering the high quality and long life.

Even though the Rainbow Sandal Company has expanded their production line to include loafers, a moccasin type shoe, boots and clothing, the Rainbow SANDAL is still one of the most popular summer shoes in the country. You can see sandal lovers of all ages wearing Rainbow Sandals when warm weather approaches. Today, even though there are just two Rainbow Sandals stores in the United States, you can purchase discount Rainbow Sandals through thousands of shoe outlets.

One thing is a fact, folks of all ages and demographics purchase the Rainbow Sandal because of its durability and style when it’s time to shed winter clothes and play in the sun.

Source by Jeff Leftwich

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