How to Start a Duct Tape Wallet Business – The Basics

So, you want to produce some extra income by making duct tape wallets. Good for you!

That is an excellent decision and I will tell you exactly how we built our business so you can duplicate what we have done.

First, let me make a couple of things perfectly clear:

  1. Building These Wallets Is NOT Easy – if you think there is no trouble working with the stickiest, toughest tape known to mankind – THINK AGAIN.
  2. So Simple a Child Can Do This – tons of kids make their own duct tape wallets. The tough part is keeping things organized and easy to create high quality wallets every time.
  3. Wanting To Do This Is 80% of the Battle – if you have good manual dexterity and can follow instructions, you will be able to do this. Understanding that quality comes with practice will help you develop a production system quickly.

Building a wallet business is not rocket science:

  • Learn How To Build Them – perform a search for “how to build duct tape wallets”. This is how we started. After combining techniques we learned from the top 40 YouTube duct tape wallet building videos, we developed our own system.
  • Source Tape – most hardware or building supply stores like Home Depot or Lowes stock a few colors of 2 inch wide duct tape and special craft stores like Michaels have a much larger selection of colors. Over time, we sourced 4 inch wide tape and we now carry it in 28 colors and patterns.
  • Selling Product – we initially sold our wallets at farmer’s markets and craft fairs but found that sales from that method barely covered expenses and sometimes not even that. Today we retail / wholesale our wallets through our own website and have an exclusive wholesale agreement for some color combinations with You can easily sell through online sites like or, too.

The biggest duct tape wallet manufacturing company in the world now produces wallets by machine in China and they sell hundreds of thousands of units every year. They have been in business since 2001 so there is definitely a demand for this type of accessory.

By contrast, every wallet in our small company is made by stay-at-home moms and we produced just over 2000 units in our first year.

So, there is the short story about our initial success and I assure you, if we can do this, you CAN do this.

Here is hoping you stick to it!

Barry Williams

Source by Barry L Williams

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