How to Spot Knock-Off Burberry Handbags

Burberry handbags are fashioned with the material PVC, sometimes called Vinyl Coated Canvas. PVC is very sturdy and stain resistant, and can be very durable. The material has some things in common with leather, however, when touched; the texture is not consistent with model leathers. The famous Burberry Nova Check impression and material has a creamy light brown canvas, with parallel and vertical black, pink and red stripes, similar to a plaid design. However, some of the contemporary Nova Check pocketbooks have a level matte black leather trim, and scores of the earlier style purses may include a glossy black leather trim. Fake pocketbook makers often times confuse this characteristic. Giving the new style purses a glassy trim and the age-old bags a smooth matte leather finish. Some newer styles may also represent white leather trim, so be wary of any earlier inspection styles that would have a leather white trim.

Another common feature is the diagonal stripes on the new Nova Check models. Many of the counterfeit handbags simulate this property. However, the typical blunder in the matter of the counterfeits is that they often do not line up, if they were to meet, (the diagonal lines) to form a 90 degree angle.

Another routine misstep is the the trim in the area the Equestrian Knight monogram. Here the pink and red stripes cross at a point, and must either be a matte brownish leather, or glossy dark black leather.

Another foremost detail in spotting a bogus Burberry handbag is the stripe designs. A real design must consist of parallel and vertical stripes that do not waver and are not asymmetrical or crooked in any way. If the stripe impression is distorted or crooked, most likely the purse is a knock-off. Nonetheless, sometimes the general shape and arch of the bag will not prohibit impeccable symmetry, however when the bag figure is causing the product to angle off or shift, it is automatically evident that it is the shape and not a production characteristic.

Also be wary of colors “bleeding” into additional colors. Any indicator that the dye is bleeding into other areas of the handbag, regardless of how small the amount, is a chief warning sign. A link is supplied on the underside if more specification is required for indicating phony Burberry handbags. Shop safe!

Source by Bruno Liquori

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