How to Spot a Fake Marc Jacobs Handbag

Logo stamps: The Made in Italy stamp on the newer handbags will be stamped in the interior of the bag, into the leather located at or near the lip. The majority of the older handbags, however, will have the made in Italy stamped on a metal label plate, and it will be stamped underneath the Marc Jacobs label. The made in Italy stamp may also, at times, be found in an inner zipper pocket. Beware of newer fake Marc Jacobs handbags that have been manufactured with a metal label plate, as seen on older authentic handbags, this is a sure fire red flag.

Zippers: Any zipper that has a blank face, meaning there are no company logos anywhere on the zipper, is an automatic red flag. Marc Jacobs uses “riri” zippers on the majority of their handbags, and any handbag that does not have a riri zipper should raise a a red flag. An authentic riri zipper head will not come to a point, the zippers have distinctive rounded heads, and even when fake riri zippers are used, they generally still have some distinguishable features from that of an authentic riri zipper, helping the buyer spot a fake Marc Jacobs handbag rather easily in some cases.

Zipper details: The fonts of the riri zippers is what makes them unique, and it is with these details that the fakes can be rooted out. Always check the “i’s” in riri. The bottom of the i should have a slant, not a curve, something like this: . Any zipper displaying the i’s with a standard font, i.e. times, Arial etc, should automatically raise a red flag. It also important to remember the zippers will not come to a point, and should have a rounded head, unlike most standard zippers used on apparel or accessories. By utilizing these quick tips, you should be able to weed out a majority of the fake Marc Jacobs handbags floating around the viral marketplace. Good luck and safe shopping!

Source by Tommy Santini

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