How to Decorate Your Pink Leather Wallet

Would you not like to be in possession of leather wallets that complements your stylish outfit? Are you going to wear your favorite pink and black dress for the party next day? You may desire to have a trendy pink leather wallet, but you own a not so good pink leather wallet with you. There is no need to worry as by just knowing how to decorate your pink leather wallet you can surely become a trend setter in the function.

You may require certain simple objects to start the decorating procedure like spray paint, design item, monogrammed letters, black fabric pieces, photo editor program, glue and black crystals. Do you want it to be personalized? For it you may have to select the style and type of wallet you require like if your wallet is wide you may choose a tri-fold wallet. You would be able to design it to transform it into a marvelous piece with considerable ease if it has flat surface and is wide.

As an initial step you can decide on an attractive design and on having the pattern you may spray paint it on the wallet utilizing black acrylic spray paint. The design on it may dried by allowing the wallet to dry naturally in a cool, dry place. It should be properly dried and it should not be touched or moved before completely as it may cause damage to the design. Monogrammed letters are available in many types, styles and sizes the letters chosen according to your wish may be adhered on it with the fabric glue. The letters may be adhered with much care and attention as the corners of the letters have the tendency to get curled. You may give it a smart sleek look by fixing the black fabric pieces with the help of the fabric glue. The wallet may not be moved until the pieces are set. Depending on your taste you may add stylish and cute pink pictures onto the wallet or you may affix your pictures or the pictures of your beloved people. The pictures could be made beautiful by make utilization of the photo editor program. You can make it an eye catching accessory by affixing the black crystals with the aid of glue and tweezers. The flat part or the zipper part of the wallet may be covered with crystals thereby giving it a classy look.

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