How to Deal With Wallet Induced Sciatica

Millions of people, mainly men, do it every day. Sticking your wallet into your back pocket. What most people don’t know though is over time, that small wallet pressing on your back can cause sciatic strain and a nasty condition called sciatica.

If you were lucky enough to develop this, where do you go from here? Obviously wearing your wallet in your back pocket is out now, but what else should you be doing to deal with this new nemesis in your life? What else can you do to ease your sciatic pain?

While a doctor should be able to help you verify that you indeed have sciatica, their methods of dealing with it may get pretty costly. On top of that, it is all trial and error, testing to see what works on your sciatica and what does not. Chiropractic visits, medication, possible injections, the list goes on.

I am not saying having a doctor is not in your best interest. Obviously doctors are an asset whenever you feel that your body is not working right.

What I am saying is that there are going to be times, probably many times, when your doctor is just not around, and what are you supposed to do then?

Although it is not talked about much, there are many simple things that you can do to ease sciatic pain.

Stretching is probably one of the easiest ways for pain relief. There are basic stretches, as well as yoga stretches that have proven to be very helpful in fighting pain.

Another good tip is the way that you eat. Eating anti-inflammatory foods will ensure that the muscles around the sciatic nerve do not become inflamed. Many people think that the sciatic nerve itself gets inflamed when you have pain, but that is not always true. If the muscles around the sciatic nerve become inflamed, it can cause a sciatica flare.

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