How Eco Friendly Companies Are Creating Handbags That Are Becoming Very Popular

Recycling is slowly becoming a more regularly done activity in America, whether it is collecting your newspapers only or trying to recycle as much as you can and being very environmentally conscious. There are many ways to recycle too. You can use a recycling company to pick up your items which can be recycled every week or you can reuse items such as store bags or to go bags to go shopping again or you can start businesses reusing certain items to produce a brand new product. This article will follow some of these businesses that take one product and reuse or recycle them into making something else, like a new bag.

The first company is called Envirosax and is embracing the idea of reusing products to turn them into something else that can be used. Not only do they do this by taking plastic bottles and other recyclable plastics and turning that into fabric, but they are then making bags and totes that can be used for shopping instead of using a store’s plastic bags. So, they emphasize the importance of being more environmentally conscious in a two fold concept. The fabric is produced from the plastic bottles is a type of polyester that is strong and durable, and perfect for a shopping bag. They have created fun colors and designs for their bags making them very attractive to consumers.

Another thing that is becoming recycled by various handbag designers are fire hoses that are no longer safe to use by firefighters. One of the first ones to do this; is Elvis + Kresse who not only make stunningly beautiful handbags from fire hoses but they donate half of the profits made from these bags to firefighter charities. Another group who refers to themselves as art-eco tying in artistic creativity with eco friendly behaviors is ISSI. They also make handbags from fire hose materials. They give the bags catchy titles like “Girl on Fire” as well giving it a fun twist on the concept. Lothar Gotz is a German artist who has created several handbag designs from these recycled fire hoses and some of his pieces are now selling for thousands of dollars and have become the hot new thing in the fashion world.

Another clever idea is done by the company called GG2G which stands for Green Goods 2 Give and Get and they have taken old vinyl billboards, bicycle tires and old vintage fabrics to create a variety of different handbags and purses. The owners of this company are Alison Grieveson and Dayan Moore who have made being eco friendly a hip new part of being fashionable.

The final eco friendly purse designer is known as Littlearth and they have created several types of cute purses from old license plates of all things. They wrap the license plates around hubcaps and then use recycled rubber for the handles and recycled bottle tops for the clasps. They come in a variety of fun designs and have become quite popular.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

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