Handbags to Suit Your Body Type

For a Short and Petite Frame:

The rule here is to remember proportions. Small bags work best for a short and petite frame. Opt for small bags and wear them closely to the body. In addition, small handbags can visually add to your height making you look taller than you actually are. Choose small styles with short handles or straps. Avoid large and oversized handbags as they can overpower you, making you look even short and frumpy. Also, stay away from flashy bags and go for simple ones as your bag should not compete with your small frame.

For a Tall and Slender Frame:

Tall and slender women can get away with almost any type of bags. Oversized bags, mid sized bags, large , bulky or clutch bags will all look great. In fact, a large bag such as a tote or a hobo type bag can help to add a new dimension. A tall and slender frame can carry off bright patterns and colors as well. However, its best to avoid small bags as they can make you look bigger than you actually are. And, if you prefer to carry a small handbag assure that it fits neatly under your shoulders. Stay away from long skinny bags as well to counterbalance your figure.

For a Top Heavy Frame:

If you are endowed with a heavy upper half, you may want to draw attention away from your bust or waist. A messenger bag can work best with your body type. Messenger bags are basically shoulder bags with long straps which is generally worn across the body. You can also go for fabric bags which can be customized to a smaller or larger size depending on your preference. Avoid bags that stop around the bust area as this can highlight your bosom and heavy shoulders.

For Heavy Hips:

A shoulder bag is the best for women with heavy hips. Remember, the part of the body that the bag falls will be the part that draws attention. Hence your bag should not fall on the hips. Any bag falling on the hips draws attention to this area, which you may not want. The best type would be a hobo bag or medium sized bag that ends well above the hip area.

A Curvy Frame:

If you are lucky enough to have an hour glass figure, a bag that ends just above your waist can be quite flattering for your figure type. Bags that end at the waist highlights the waistline, thereby accentuating the curves. Medium sized bags , that aren’t really big or really small, work best to enhance your curvy figure.

Large or Plus Sized Frame:

Stay away from small bags as they look lost against your frame and make you look larger than you actually are. Any medium sized bag that is wider in width can be your best bet. The thumb rule is to go for bags that are in proportionate to your body type, as the size of the bag can manipulate your overall look. Assure that the bag falls above or below the fullest part of your body and never on it.

Certain tips to keep in mind:

o While choosing handbags always choose a shape that is opposite to your body type and a size that is proportionate to your figure. For instance, if you are tall and slender go for ones that are rounded. If your short and round opt for styles that are tall and long.

o As for colors stick to neutral tones as you can team them with as many as outfits possible. Matching your bag to your outfit helps in elongating the body, thereby making you appear taller and slimmer by creating a neat flow.

o When in doubt, opt for a clutch. It can be carried in the hand, under the arm or around the wrist. They do not complicate the body line as most clutches are flat and long. Also, a custom made handbag (to suit a body type) can be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

Finally, a great bag is an extension of your style and one of the best ways to reflect your personality. Hence wear it with attitude.

Source by Yogitha Ramamoorthy

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