Handbags in The 1900s

Handbags have a long history, going back to the ancient times. The use and importance of a handbag has varied from time to time. In fact, the style and types of bags available has changed down the ages as well. Today, designer handbags hardly have any replacement or competition for a woman. Let us take a look at how handbags were used and perceived during the 1900s.

The early 1900s

The early years of the 20th century saw the birth of the modern handbag. We saw the onslaught of leather shopping bags and briefcases that people could carry on their shoulders today. There was a new addition to the existing list of women’s handbags as well, that included the ‘pochette’, a type of clutch. Women used the pochette as a symbol of freedom. The symbol is also known as a symbol associated with youth. Other handbags used by women during this period were the Dorothy bags, small drawstring pouches often matching their dresses, muffs and leather bags.

The 1920s

During the 1920s, women’s bags faced change in perception. Women, no longer remained confined into their restrictive clothing of corsets and multi-layered skirts. On the contrary, women now wore slim, single layered clothes. Handbags used by women also no longer needed to match the dresses they wore. On the contrary, pochettes used by women had geometric motifs designed on them. The discovery of the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen only inspired designers to add Egyptian art pieces on their designer bags.

The 1930s

The 1930s were the years when women used bags such as the satchel, clasp bag and the clutch. Abstraction and use of new materials became the trend of the 1930s. Designer’s handbags were now made of materials such as plastic and included zippers.

The 1940s

The WW II brought in a completely different aesthetic sense into the market. Bags had now become more angular, bigger and more practical. Designers, owing to shortage of leather, started using materials such as plastic, wood and rayon for bags.

The 1950s

The economic prosperity post the Second World War made handbags an icon of status. The 50s also saw the emergence of fashion houses such as the Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

The 1960s

During the 1960s, the trends in fashion changed drastically. It was the time of youth and fashion and everything was weighed on the scale of the most style and design. It was the time for long, narrow clutches and dainty shoulder bags with chained or thin straps.

The 1970s

The 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were the years where feminism and unisex designer bags were in demand.

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