Fendi Designer Handbags – Their Origin and Tips on Why Fendi is So Special!

Did you know that Fendi Designer handbags originated in the year 1925? A sweet husband and his wife decided to begin a small shop in Italy specializing in small leather goods and furs. In the year 1965, Fendi handbags became popular and Fendi hired a genius of a guy who was a young designer from Paris.The credit for designing Fendi’s double “FF” logo goes to Karl Lagerfeld.The logo was exactly what Fendi needed to make its mark in the fashion world. You will have to pay anywhere between 200 and 2000 if you wish to own a Fendi designer handbag, depending on which accessory you decide to buy.

Fendi’s designers always try to come up with a trendy design which goes with the latest fashion. Fendi offers huge range of handbags right from chef bags to spy bags to Fendi vanity bags. Shall we say ooh-la-lah? Chic and stylish handbags represent your taste and speak about your preferences.”Which designer designed the purse that you are wearing” is something that you will be often asked?When asked about it, just say it with a smile “Yes, I am carrying a Fendi”.

People will often come up to you and ask about Fendi handbags. You should then make it a point to tell them about the uniqueness of these handmade bags. You have not only purchased a Fendi designer bag, but what makes Fendi handbags stand out is their unique designs that are hand made which means that many loving hours have been put into making your new bag that you now hold in your hands. And how special is that? Priceless!

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