Fancy Dress Ideas: 70s Oscar Couples

Fancy dress parties are a lot more fun to prepare for and to attend when you go with a partner and you have worked on developing your costumes together.

If planning your costume for a 70s costume party, why not take on board some of the ideas from this article and get dressed up as one of the hottest couples on the Oscars circuit during the 70s?

Three of the top ideas are as follows:

Burt Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor

Paul and Linda McCartney

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

If any of the above ideas for 70s fancy dress couples take your fancy, then the rest of this article can help you to achieve a perfect fancy dress match of your chosen couple in a few simple steps and without having to necessarily go to a fancy dress store. (However, fancy dress stores can be incredibly useful when wanting to find that finishing touch that will make or break a costume and turn an unknown nobody into a living, breathing celebrity before your very eyes).

Burt Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor

To achieve the optimum replication of this hot 70s couple, you will need to do the following:

This 70s couple needs to be hot and dazzling from top to toe. Both are glamorous to the core which needs to be the main focus of your costume if opting to carry them off well.

Burt Reynolds at The Oscars would only ever arrive in a tuxedo of the highest quality. It would need to be black with a waistcoat that had a slight print to distinguish it a little from the suit jacket. The shirt must be a crisp white and there must be a handkerchief in the left pocket to match. The final touch would be the Reynolds moustache, which could be purchased at a good fancy dress store to make sure that it looked real.

Elizabeth Taylor’s dress should elegantly reveal her bust line, her hair should be worn up and dyed as dark as possible. It would be important in this fancy dress costume to wear a pair of fantastic high-heeled shoes and perhaps a dash of fur somewhere along the way. However, the most important element of this Taylor costume would be to wear some sparkling diamond jewelry. Fake jewelry would need to look convincing and for this it might be better to go to a fancy dress store.

Paul and Linda McCartney

The costume for this 70s couple should be a lot calmer and less flashy than the Taylor and Reynolds combination.

If going to a 70s fancy dress party as Paul McCartney, a white suit (or at least something light in color) with a black shirt placed underneath it is a must. The collar of the shirt should be large and visible over the jacket. It would be really important to wear your hair long and to get over to a fancy dress store in order to find a Paul McCartney moustache that would finish your costume off in style.

Linda McCartney needs to look soft and flowing. She needs to look like Mother Nature, but a Mother Nature with cash. Soft whites and creams, mixed with soft materials like furs or silks, for example, will help to carry off this costume idea well. A pretty headpiece would set off the outfit nicely; something with dainty details would be best.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Elegance and grace and effortless sex appeal is what is needed to pull of a 70s fancy dress costume based on this famous couple. They are a difficult couple to replica!

Paul Newman should be dressed in a black suit, without a waistcoat as this would make him look to old, which would only have one button to fasten the jacket. This style of jacket would add length to the costume and show off a lot of the crisp, white shirt that should be worn underneath. Make sure that a black bow tie is worn and some quality cuff-links are included in the make-up. Finally… don’t forget to give that hair a good chop. Newman needs to look clean-cut all the way.

Joanne Woodward would look great in a 70s cut mini-dress made from a 70s print material; something which has a big and bold pattern of shapes in different colors. Her hair should be worn high to accentuate the length and elegance of her neck and face. Make-up should be natural and jewelry very low-key. Invest in, or hire from a 70s costume store, a pair of elegant platforms in the color of your choice to finish the look off well.

Enjoy getting dressed!

Source by Tracey Ann Chandler

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