Everything You Need to Know About Velcro Wallets

At least one or two of your friends probably use velcro wallets. If not, at least you have heard about them because they are not unpopular. If you are planning to buy a velcro wallet for yourself or if you are planning to give one to someone else, then you should know some basic information about them. Here they are.

  • Velcro is actually a brand of a fabric fastener that is composed of two parts – the hook and the loop. The “hook” is composed of very minute hooks while the “loop” is made of soft and hairy material which makes it easy for the tiny hooks to attach themselves to the loop. Velcro is also popular because of the ripping sound it creates whenever the hook and the loop are separated.
  • On the other hand, Velcro wallets are not really wallets made entirely of Velcro. These are wallets that use Velcro to securely shut the billfold. Usually, the fabric used in making them is nylon, which is perfect for a Velcro fastener because it is a strong and sturdy fabric.
  • Velcro wallets are very causal. The most common users of such kind of wallets are teenagers or college students. It is rare to find a businessman who uses a velcro wallet.
  • Most velcro wallets have three folds, while there are few that have two folds. The Velcro fastener will be attached or sewn to the overlapping portion to keep the wallet’s contents from falling. These wallets are usually small, which makes it easy for the user to insert the wallet into his pants’ back pocket-a very casual way to keep a wallet.
  • Velcro wallets are very easy to use. All you need to do is to separate the hook from the loop to open the wallet. It takes only about a second to open a Velcro wallet. They also come in varying colors with some logos or saying at the front.

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