Dream Interpretation and Analysis – Your Purse in Dreams

Women often dream that they have lost their purse. The purse in dreams represents their feminine identity. When they lose it or when someone steals their purse in a dream, this means that a man will capture them, even though he is not the ideal one for them.

If you are a woman and you dreamt about losing your purse, or about not being able to find it, this means that a man who is not your ideal partner will manage to force you to have a relationship with him.

This man could be also someone who would be your ideal partner if his behavior was adequate, but he will treat you without any respect.

You must be careful; you should not encourage him. This dream is a warning. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is showing you that you could easily get involved with the wrong person and have a bad experience. Or, that the man you love won’t make you happy because he won’t respect your needs.

Only when you’ll see in a dream that you have a beautiful purse, will it have a positive meaning. The beautiful purse means that your feminine identity is mature and you know who your perfect match really is. However, this dream scene is quite rare.

Your purse in dreams represents your answer to all challenges of life as a woman.

You have to be extremely prudent and never get involved with the wrong partner. Dream warnings about losing your purse must alarm you and help you acquire the right attitude before the danger that is threatening your life.

Don’t be futile and don’t accept having relationships with people who are not right for you. If you’ll fall into a trap and have a relationship with someone who doesn’t really love you and only wants to take advantage of you for one reason or another, the traumas that will mark your psyche will ruin your life. Your personality will be ruined too. You’ll be suffocated by someone who doesn’t care for the way you feel.

The wrong man could also be someone who only wants to have fun with you for a while, and then abandon you, instead of being your permanent partner. You won’t have with him the romantic relationship you are imagining.

Be very serious and examine all the details in his behavior.

Keep caring about the meaning of your dreams, and the unconscious mind will give you more information. Dreams about love are very simple, and you can easily learn how to translate them by yourself. You only need to learn the meaning of a few dream symbols and understand the dream logic.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung proves to the world the importance of the dream messages. My research which is the continuation of his, proves to everyone that the unconscious wisdom surpasses Jung’s expectations and conclusions.

Be prudent and use the interpretation of your dreams in order to prevent all mental illnesses and find real happiness in life; therefore, avoiding all tragic experiences.

Source by Christina Sponias

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