Designer Messenger Bags – Where Functionality and Fashion Meet

Women and designer fashion have a long history together. And while it is true those women really long to be fashionable, they also want for their accessories to be functional as well. Perhaps this is the premise behind the very first designer bag ever produced. Designer messenger bags are the perfect marriage between function and style. Messenger bags have increased in popularity over the last few years and women are delighted to be able to organize and carry essential items in a bag which offers compartmentalized storage and at the same time, presenting a stylish image. There are several factors to consider when choosing a messenger bag. Here are the main things that consumers will want to think about:

· Shoulder Strap Size

· Pocket and Storage Options

· Color and Style

These are not isolated features, they all work together to make the bag work for the purpose for which it was designed.

Shoulder Strap Size

The shoulder strap size is very important and depends on the typical weight of the bag. For carrying heavier loads it is more desirable to choose a wider shoulder strap which will offer more support. Wider shoulder straps are also beneficial for preventing soreness in the shoulder and back areas. Most bags are also equipped with adjustable shoulder straps which provide the wearer with much more comfort.

Pocket and Storage Options

Designer messenger bags can have a variety of options when it comes to interior and exterior pockets. For those who need to carry multiple gadgets and devices around with them. Many bags give a wide array of detail and options which include interior zipper pockets, slide pockets, front flap pockets or even a pocket designed to hold the cell. The various types of pockets allow for a variety of storage options; and this versatility is the precise reason many choose to carry a messenger bag on a regular basis.

Color and Style

Designer bags are always fashionable so the user does not have to settle just for organizational benefits. They also have the option of carrying a stylish bag which makes a fashion statement. The specific color and style will largely depend on the personal taste and preference of the consumer. Many bags are constructed of durable nylon and leather to make sure its longevity. Other choices include a fabric and leather combination that has aesthetic appeal. They are available in browns, blacks, tans or plaid which make it easy to accessorize any wardrobe.

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