Cotton Shopping Bags – An Eco Friendly Solution That’s Catching On

When you have gone shopping have you seen the stands in stores that have reusable bags that are relatively inexpensive? Numerous stores today are promoting and encouraging individuals to buy and use these bags instead of disposable paper or plastic bags, simply because they help the environment. You only need to pay for the reusable bag once and you simply bring the bag back next time you go shopping.

• Reusable shopping bags are often made, a sturdy material, so they are meant to last.

• Many stores sell cotton shopping bags with the store’s label on the side.

• These bags should be washed regularly, especially if you carry raw fruits and vegetables inside, or you can be at risk of food poisoning.

• An eco-friendly reusable bag means you don’t end up with a drawer full of plastic shopping bags or an overflowing trash bin

• Many stores offer rewards for using these bags, such as discounts and prizes for using them

• Eco-friendly cotton shopping bags can also be stylish

There are also tote bags that are large enough to carry a variety of materials. They range from the simple cotton tote bags at shopping centers to more complex (and expensive) bags with compartments and zippers. Because they are so useful and versatile, cotton totes have a wide variety of uses.

• A tote bag is a fantastic way to carry your groceries or other things you buy on a trip, instead of carrying numerous plastic or paper bags that are given to you at the stores.

• A tote bag can be used to carry everything you need to enjoy a day on the beach or other outing, from sunscreen and towel to extra clothing and a great book to read.

• A cotton tote bag can be great for the student who needs to carry their textbooks and notes to classes and the library.

• Finally, if you have too many shopping bags already, a cotton tote can be used to store things at home and keep thing organized.

Currently many different cities want to limit the use of plastic bags in shopping, because of their detrimental effect on the environment. Some areas are planning to require taxes or surcharges to be added to plastic bags that you receive when making purchases. In the United States New York City, Seattle, San Jose and San Francisco all either have or are in the process of passing laws to tax or ban plastic bags in stores. This gives even more reasons to get your cotton shopping bag today.

Source by John T Peters

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