Cluttered Clutches Causing Grief? It’s Time for a Handbag Organizer

There is nothing quite like having everything you need right in your purse. What do men even do? Fill their pockets with all their things? How do they have enough room? Handbags are great, yes, but they can also turn into a mess in a hurry. Whenever you go digging around for your keys, you always find your lipstick instead. When you look for your lipstick, you grab your cell phone. You can never seem to find anything right away. This is partly because every time we switch to a new purse, we just throw everything in there.

When accessorizing a new outfit, we almost always wait until the last minute to find a matching bag. By that time, we are halfway out the door and we just dump everything from one purse to the other. But with Transfer Bag purse organizers, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just organize everything in the Transfer Bag and switch it from purse to purse with ease. Everything will be right where you left it the last time. These bags come in all sorts of different colors, styles and sizes. Not only that, but they also come with a detachable strap so that you can use your Transfer Bag on its own if you like. Here are a few examples of classy and functional styles of Transfer Bags from Joann Huth.

Classic Transfer Bag – Beetle

This Transfer Bag is the classic style, but with a little twist. It comes in black but has tiny white beetles embroidered onto it, giving it almost a polka dot look from a distance. Only close up can you admire the details. In fact, this version of the transfer bag is so attractive, it can easily double as a clutch. You don’t have to hide it away in another purse!The classic bag is designed to fit in most medium and large size purses. This one is extremely durable and will fit with inside most handbag designs. This satin-lined organizer even comes with an adorable heart pin that is removable.

A cosmetic bag with a rhinestone zipper is also built right into this bag so that all of your makeup supplies can be organized in the same place. The inside of this bag comes in solid black. Four elastic pockets can hold anything, including phones, pens, business cards, your checkbook and more. Make sure your keys are always where you need them by attaching them to the convenient key loop. This bag measures 9.5 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 2 inches across. It is made of strong and sturdy polyester micro fiber and will last and last for years to come.

Big Timer Transfer Bag – Leopard

Not every woman can fit all of her necessities into a normal-sized purse, however. Some women have a lot of stuff to carry around. Some pretty much carry their lives in their bags. The Big Timer Transfer Bag is built specifically for women who tend to use either large purses or even totes. This style is extra fashionable, with its imitation leopard print pattern on the outside. Show off your wild side while still having a practical solution to your organizational needs. This version has pockets on both the inside and the outside.

You will have more than enough room for phones, credit cards, combs, brushes and anything else you can think of. The Big Timer also has a zippered cosmetic pouch and a key loop, keeping the things you often need right at hand.This model isn’t just fit for a tote or a large purse. It is also the perfect size to slip right into a briefcase. Or if you want to show off the stylish animal print, just add the removable strap and hit the town. This bag is 10 inches across by 8 inches tall by 2 inches deep. It is big enough to fit everything you need.

Little Traveler Transfer Bag

There is something to be said about traveling lightly. If you are hitting the road, you might not want or need to lug a giant bag around. The Little Traveler Transfer Bag is the perfect size to just hold the essentials. It is great for commuting to work or for business travelers. This bag has a black exterior. The inside is light taupe. Inside pockets seal shut with elastic to secure all of your necessities. A zippered compartment is located inside to hold all of your makeup. There are also two pockets on the outside to hold your passport, ID or other travel documents.

This bag has a 46 inch shoulder strap so you can use it on its own, or remove the strap to switch from bag to bag. The Little Traveler is 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 2 inches deep. Get where you need to go with the Little Traveler. With these incredible organization solutions, there is no reason to ever have a messy purse again. Make sure everything you need is right where it should be with a stylish and convenient Transfer Bag.

Source by John Durann

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