Cherish Your Handbags With Different Types of Handbag Hooks

Handbags are indispensable part of a woman’s life. Today’s women spend a good sum of their hard-earned money to get the right ones for themselves. They want their handbags to be long lasting that they could use for longer period of time. Handbag hooks fulfill this purpose effectively.

These hooks are meant for serving two main functions.

  • -The first function allows women to keep their handbag secure & close to them. These hooks make handbags comfortable to use as you need not to keep your hands on your bag all the time. You can relax physically at the same time keep your purse within your line of sight that ensures the safety of all your belongings contained in that purse such as credit cards, cash, check books, family pictures & jewellery.
  • – Now let us talk about second purpose of a hook. It helps in keeping your handbag clean & sanitary. Very often, you had to keep your purse on a table top, a counter top and sometimes on floor as well. Continuously putting the handbag on a counter top can damage it severely specially if it is made up of leather. The purse gets dirty when directly exposed to dust, mud, dirt & water. But with purse hooks you can hang your handbag from an armrest, sink, table, chair or some other flat surface to protect it from any kind of stain & damage.

Traditionally, hooks used to come in limited styles but now a wide range of hooks are available in market with different colours, shapes, styles and colours. They are now known to be a fashion statement and are appreciated for their practicality. Basically, there are 4 main types of hooks that can be used with any type of handbag.

  • L-shaped hooks consist of a circular pad that safeguards your purse from flat surfaces. It is quite rigid hook from which a purse suspends.
  • Then there are link hooks. There function is as similar as L-shaped ones but they use a linked chain of hooks to hang the purse. They look similar to key chains.
  • Third are spring closure hooks that come in a bracelet design that are seen as an epitome of an incredible fashion accessory blend with practicality.
  • Then come twisting ring style hooks that can worn as an outstanding accessory or can be used for displaying the external part of the purse.

Using these handbag hooks can add a lot of style to your handbags without costing a fortune.

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