Celebrity Style Handbags

The cat is out of the designer handbag!

Celebrities are handbag addicts and it shows from the public appearances that they make. It’s hard to spot a celebrity without a handbag, or a clutch or simply a tote. They are setting the trend for others to follow in the fashion lane.

Celebrities today will settle for nothing than a good and a classy brand, be it in clothing or handbags. These are luxurious accessories that they like to flash off in public. Designer bags are getting fashionable day by day. Celebrities are always in a race to look good and score more over their other counterparts in the fashion lane. A branded and designer handbag is one of the segments where people can spot the fashion wars among women. They like to stay upbeat with the latest trends and sport a handbag that suits the occasion. Women love to get their accessories customized and designer handbag companies are taking good advantage of it. These celebrities have made the customized handbag market a big hit among people. They catch everyone’s attention while they carry off their prices possession. Even if they need to plunk down big bucks for it, they will not think twice.

This market is not just restricted to women. When it comes to stylish handbags, men are not far behind. There are companies who specialize in men handbags also even though the size of this market is small. Men like to carry manly messenger style bags. They usually have a hard time finding the right bag for themselves as this market is not well tapped by the marketers as yet. Most men look out for bags which are high on usability and space. They usually want bags to carry off their laptops, carry their tech gadgets or they just need one to carry off at a gym.

There are different materials to choose from for men for their bags. Leather bags are a big hit in the celebrity handbag segment for men. Leather usually gives men a masculine feeling. The manufacturers are trying hard to capture this market space.

Celebrity women on the other hand will not settle for any handbag which is low on style quotient. There are many fierce fashion events that these women celebrities attend. The bags become the inseparable part of them at these events. Even if they are attending some low key events that carry bags that suits the particular occasion. They like to carry different bags in different seasons like, one for summer and one for winter. These celebrities are giving a tough time to the designer manufacturers. They have to be on top of the list for their priced and privilege customers in the rat race for preferable handbag brand. They are placing a lot of importance to the functionality, style, design and fabric of the material.

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