Brics Handbags – What’s So Great About Them?

Like many things Italian, we’re talking great fashion and style here. A Brics bag will stand out – and do more. Okay, first things first, who’s Brics? I like to know a bit of history about products I buy, because it makes me value them more. If you’re like me, here’s a little about the Brics line of accessories.

Brics was founded in Como, Italy, by Mario Briccola (thus the name) in 1952. He actually started off with just travel bags, which people came from far and wide to buy from his workshop. He kept growing and eventually, the fan base asked that he design handbags as well. So here we are today – with a great range of both travel bags and superior quality handbags.

The handbags are unique. Brics has kept its style. It actually adopted the look of the travel bags onto handbags, made them smaller and totally fashionable. Let’s see what exactly makes these bags so special:

1. As we said earlier, they are stylish. Brics has kept the look but keeps adding style to the bag. You can be guaranteed to get second glances carrying a Brics’ bag. There’s a quality about them that makes them stand out from all other bags. You look expensive and full of confidence.

2. They are hardwearing – When he founded Brics, people traveled from all over Europe to Como, to his workshop, just to buy his bags. And that was because they knew they were getting a great deal that would last a long time. Made only of the finest leather, a Brics bag is something you can rely on to be in your wardrobe for a long, long time.

3. If you’re the type whose into bags that can stand (as compared to floppy bags), a Brics is a must. They are reinforced so that when they are placed on a surface, they stand. They are great if you’re carrying around delicate things which might get damaged in a floppy bag.

4. Despite being able to stand because they are made of tough material, they have a soft inner lining. It’s made of polyester – and yes, it will not rip easily!

5. Now, this is for the girls who love to have their cosmetics with them everywhere they go. A Brics handbag is just the thing. It has so many compartments, that all your bric-a-brac (!) will go in there without any hustle. I mean, you know the feeling – when you’re rustling around in your handbag for 15 minutes just to find your lipstick! With a Brics, because it’s got so many compartments, no more rustling, just remember in which compartment you kept it!

6. They have a great variety in cut and color. You’ll be sure to get something that can match with quite a few things in your wardrobe.

7. They’re made to be easy to clean – that’s not common with bags. Most bags just don’t take well to cleaning. They fade or rip or just lose their looks. Not a Brics. Just drop it at your Laundromat and pick it up later, all good to go!

And finally, of course they have a great travel range. With travel bags, you want a bag that will not come apart at Baggage Handling and that will look good AFTER baggage handling. With a Brics travel set, these are guaranteed. There’s so much value in a Brics bag that you just have to experience it to appreciate it. Get yourself one now.

Source by Ted Sikkink

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