Bayberry Snuff is the Stuff – Keep Some in Your Purse


An evergreen shrub or small tree with oblanceolate leaves followed by flowers and then spherical gray-white waxy fruit.

Family: Myricaceae; other members include Myrtle

Genus and Species: Myrica cerifera

Also known as (aka): Bayberry Bush, America Bayberry, Southern Bayberry as it flourishes in Florida, American Vegetable Tallow Tree, American Vegetable Wax, Bayberry Wax Tree, Wax Myrtle, Candleberry, Candleberry Myrtle, Vegetable Tallow, Tallow Shrub.

Medicinal Properties: Astringent, Tonic, Stimulant. The Leaves are an aromatic herb that stimulates circulation, increases perspiration and controls bacterial infection, the wax from the fruit is used for making candles and soap.

The root bark contains myricitrin, as well as tannins and triterpenoids (myricadiol, taraxerol and taraxerone), while the wax contains esters of palmitic, myristic and lauric acid.

Parts Used: Root Bark, Leaves, Flowers

Uses: Bayberry helps Stop Bleeding from the Lungs, Uterus and Colon and can be used as a Poultice for External Sores.

o Used internally for fevers, colds, flu, excessive mucus, colitis. For excessive or heavy menstruation, as well as vaginal discharge and uterine bleeding, soak a tampon in Bayberry tea and insert the tampon for 20 minute intervals 3 times a day. Very important to contact a Doctor.

o Very good for jaundice, cancer sores, itching skin, ulcers, sores, dandruff and hair loss. Apply a fomentation on the affected areas and rinse the scalp with the tea after shampooing.

o The Tea is excellent for a sore throat. It will thoroughly cleanse all putrid matter from the throat. Steep one teaspoonful in a pint of boiling water or 30 minutes. Gargle with the tea until the throat is clear, or gargle 10 times then repeat later.

o It is a good idea when sickness of any kind to drink Bayberry tea to cleans excess mucous from the stomach. It will cause you to throw up, if it does not, then tickle the back of the throat. By doing this, it gets rid of the bad mucous and restores the mucous secretions to normal activity. Especially good for Nicotine Poisoning.

o Very good for spongy or bleeding gums. Just apply the powder form on the gums and let it sit there for as long as you can stand it then rinse with warm water as you would with a mouth wash. You can also use the tea and swish it around the mouth which is also just as beneficial.

o For Colds make a Tea of:

Bayberry and Yarrow or Bayberry and Catnip or Bayberry and Sage or Bayberry and Peppermint.

oBayberry is high in Tannin content. When drinking it in a Tea form you may want to add a little bit of milk to counteract the effect of the Tannin.

o For use as a Snuff:

Put a little bit of the powder on your middle finger of the right hand. Close the left nostril with your left hand and snuff the powder up the right nostril. Do the same with the left side. It is best to use the snuff up both nostrils.

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Source by Gloria Ruffell

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