Are School Uniforms Outdated Concepts?

If a child K-12 is asked about his opinions on school uniforms, he or she would definitely spur the idea all together. School uniforms forbid them from traversing their sense of panache as well as would curb them from displaying their latest vogue collection within there milieu. But as wise adults it is the duty of the school board to bring about a sense of uniformity amongst the school children. This will definitely bring an end to discrimination amongst students who pick friends and peers on the based on their “clothes purchasing power” but will also prevent them from being distracted and allow them to focus more on their education and books rather than on their clothes and accessories.

Senior students tend to spend a majority of their time shopping for the latest clothes and accessories available in the market. Leave apart just shopping; fights between parents and children over clothes that should be worn to school have become an everyday ordeal. Students spend long hours on the phone deciding the type of clothes or for that matter “color” that should be worn to school.

For some who come from affluent background purchasing new clothes have become an addictive necessity because it allows them to bully their counterparts and humiliate those who can’t afford such expensive branded apparels. The school board can put an end to such discrimination and also curb this developing dominating nature in teenagers. The sole solution lies in the introduction of school uniforms on the premises.

Introduction of uniforms in various industrial backgrounds have also resulted in developing a progressive atmosphere in the office. The Japanese have asked their employees in the Honda plant in America to wear uniforms. It has already been seen that more work has been accomplished there because employees are less distracted, bullied and wasting less time discussing fashion.

School uniforms were shunned by students because many felt that they impose conservative ideology on them. But if the children have a say in deciding the type of clothes, shoes and accessories, provided they are decent enough, would encourage them to wear uniforms to school.

Introduction of a simple pair of black trousers/skirts, black shoes and white shirts would not only provide uniformity but will also help guardians save a chuck of their money on fancy apparel.

The oldest complaints against school uniforms have been that the students would lose their individuality. But what kind of individuality students are trying to build by flaunting their fancy shoes, branded clothes or backpacks. Individuality and personality are developed with the maturing of ideas and credos. This is an important lesson which must be taught at schools.

Uniforms on the contrary would help enhance students’ personality because then the kids will demonstrate themselves neither via their principles nor through their appearances. Uniforms would improve self esteem and provide the right environment for students to develop and learn the lessons of life rather than turning them into shallow individuals. Hence, school uniforms are not an outdated concept but they should be implemented for the correct nurturing of children who will shape the future of their countries.

Source by Danielle Sage

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