Alexis Hudson Handbags – Therapy with a Difference

If you take a closer look at all the purses designers out there one observes that a lot of them are based either in Italy or France. They pride themselves in the detail that they use only the finest materials and the craftsmanship is marvelous, given they are incredible, however if you have a closer look at the Alexis Hudson handbags collection, you may even think that they originate from Europe, but they are created in the US. Being an American you feel proud to be linked with such enchanting and fashionable accessories made by Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi. They can be proud of their designs and don’t have to stand back at all.

Combining the names of Rachelle Copeland’s daughter Alexis, now 5, and Ironi’s dog Hudson formed the name Alexis Hudson. This designer label and line has shown huge success, taking into consideration that it was launched in 2005. They call it “absolute therapy for handbag addicts” and that supplies an obvious explanation of what they stand for.

The line has been such a gigantic sensation that finding advertising posed no difficulty; ladies admire these fashionable and practical accessories. The leather purses were featured in popular fashion magazines such as Oprah, US Weekly, Glamour, Elle and Marie Claire. Some fashionable A-class celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Heather Graham, Cindy Crawford, Teri Hatcher and Katherine Heigl (to name a few) have also been spotted indulging themselves with these spectacular handbags.

It looks like these two designers have the knowledge to not only make captivating and appealing Alexis Hudson handbags, but also have the sense to craft the accessories to please a woman of modern day living. Perhaps they have your “perfect bag” and will serve as first-rate therapy for the bagaholic in you.

Source by Vivienne Neveling

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