Abaca Bags

The Material

Abaca, popularly known as Manila Hemp, is considered as the strongest natural fiber known. It is normally used to produce several goods like rope, twines, fabrics, textiles and many others.

Creating the Bag

The tough part of creating Abaca handbags is not actually the putting the abaca together to create the bag, but the creating of the material, abaca fiber, which would normally take more or less 2 years. From growing the abaca plants to harvesting and would then undergo several processes from cutting, to drying and stripping. Once the fiber is ready it is dyed with different colors to provide bag-makers and designers to use to make wonderful bags.

In Fashion

Bags made from abaca are now very popular, aside from it’s being eco-friendly it is strong and fashionable. Most people may not be aware but Abaca bags have also taken their part in the fashion industry. Hollywood stars had been spotted proudly carrying their Abaca Bags, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner to name a few.

For All Season and Occasions

Abaca bags are very stylish that it is fit for all occasions, it maybe formal or casual, these bags are perfect with whatever you wear. Since these bags go in different sizes, shapes, and designs, all types of people are able to use them, like clutches and handbags for employees, school totes and backpacks for students, or extra large bags for travelers.

Benefits of using Abaca Bags

It is not only that these handbags give you a sense of fashion, but also buying these will give us the chance to help the environment by acquiring manually-made products and saves us from spending big amount of money and most of all lets us help farmers who grow abaca plants.

Source by Leticia Mercado

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