A Brief History of Chippewa Boots

Chippewa boots have an unbelievable history. Started all the way back in 1901 the company started with a mission to manufacture the finest boots in the U.S. They employed 175 employees that produced 1,200 pairs daily. They were popular and the quality of boots offered by them made them even more popular. With the increase in reputation the company began to lineup their products.

The company offers high quality boots that are constructed by using advanced construction techniques. Today, the company offers boots in numerous styles that are well constructed and have undying dedication when it comes to comfort, quality and durability.

According to the company, each pair of boots of boots offered by them is touched more than 365 times during the construction and fabrication process. This ensures that the footwear offered by this company has longevity, comfort and style. Chippewa boots offers number of styles including Loggers, which are the best ones. Here’s a brief rundown of the Logger-black offered by them.

–> The Logger is extremely thick and tough and is constructed from Goodyear Leather Storm Welt.

–> They are thick and extremely durable.

–> They are known for the rugged outdoors.

–> They have a removable cushion orthotic insert.

–> They are made from black Odessa Leather and come with a steel toe.

–> They are extremely good and will do an extreme job if you are looking for extreme footwear.

–> No matter whether you are working on a logging site or in an extreme environment, you can rest assured that these boots will protect you and will prove to be durable.

–> They provide heavy duty protection in various environments.

–> They’ll also protect you from heavy objects falling on your feet.

Source by Rayna Roy

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